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Cisco Solutions Partner, Certified Aruba Networks Partner.

Ventev also partners with Adtran, Aerohive, Meru/Fortinet, Motorola/Extreme and Samsung to provide an ecosystem of products for any wireless network.

Solutions to ensure high-performance wireless access throughout warehouses


CHALLENGE: Forklift Connectivity

Metal forklifts make it difficult to provide reliable connectivity between forklifts and handheld devices in the warehouse


New! Magnetic Mount Antenna

Installs easily and securely to the top of the forklift to ensure high-performance
Wi-Fi between forklifts and handheld devices used in the warehouse.


CHALLENGE: I-Beam Ceilings

Mounting Access Points and antennas onto I-Beams requires unique mounting solutions


NEW! Two-Antenna Co-Locating Mount

Offers unprecedented flexibility to install an access point and two antennas together, while positioning them optimally for high-performance Wi-Fi.

New! I-Beam Warehouse Mounts

New line of mounting solutions designed specifically to ease network installation in I-Beam environments such as warehouses and manufacturing plants.

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Wide Open Spaces

CHALLENGE: Mounting and Protecting APs and Antennas

Precise positioning and protection for access points and antennas are essential for providing optimum Wi-Fi coverage in warehouses.


Right Angle Bracket

Mounts indoor access points where they can provide optimal Wi-Fi coverage. Protects from tampering, dust and accidents.

Right Angle NEMA Enclosure Bracket

Robust and lightweight aluminum bracket mounts 12x10 and 14x12 NEMA enclosures on wall or pole at a right angle.

AP Covers

Durable Bubble Enclosures provide affordable protection from damage caused by theft or tampering.

6 dBi Patch Antenna with Articulating Mount

Rugged, dual-band, patch antenna is ideal for focusing coverage between aisles. Articulating mount included for precise positioning.


CHALLENGE: Blocked RF Propagation

Warehouses have RF-blocking obstacles such as rows of stacked products that can make coverage spotty or nonexistent.


Patch Antennas

External directional antennas focus beamwidth between the aisles to provide consistent coverage and capacity.

Co-Locating Mount

Durable mount easily installs both AP and antenna making it an ideal choice for difficult locations like high ceilings. Conceals equipment and wires.

Loading Docks

CHALLENGE: Extending Coverage to Loading Docks

Network continuity is required inside and outside warehouses for integrated, efficient tracking and communications.


Polycarb Enclosures

Ready-to-ship, high-quality polycarbonate enclosures are pre-configured for specific deployments, ready to protect any type of access point.

Small Form Factor Outdoor Omni Antenna

Provides outstanding RF coverage in a small, attractive package. Reduced size and clean appearance combined with excellent performance and durability make it ideal for industrial deployments.

Industrial Mounts

Ventev offers several industrial mounts designed for maximum strength and durability to safely install heavier antennas and equipment in tough indoor and outdoor environments.

Outdoor UPS

Ventev's Outdoor UPS for Wi-Fi Access Points provides clean, reliable PoE+ power for one or two Wi-Fi Access Points.


CHALLENGE: Connecting Network to Fleet Vehicles

Efficient asset and fleet management depends on reliable high-speed data transmission.


Mobile Antennas

Provide high-performing wireless connectivity across LTE, Wi-Fi and GPS for reliable, high-speed data transmission needed in warehouse and distribution centers.

Temperature-Controlled Enclosures

Extend indoor Wi-Fi outdoors to connect loading docks, stockyards and vehicles. Protect indoor access points even in extreme weather.

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