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TerraWave Antennas work with any manufacturer access point!

Question: Does TerraWave's line of premium WLAN antennas comply with FCC guidelines to operate with any major manufacturer's access points, including Cisco's?

Answer: Yes. Federal guidelines found in Title 47, Part 15, Section 15.204 authorize use of third party antennas. Specifically, Section 15.204 says:

"Any antenna that is of the same type and of equal or less directional gain as an antenna that is authorized with the intentional radiator may be marketed with, and used with, that intentional radiator. No retesting of this system configuration is required. The marketing or use of a system configuration that employs an antenna of a different type, or that operates at a higher gain, than the antenna authorized with the intentional radiator is not permitted."

Question: How do I interpret the Title 47, Part 15, Section 15.204 guideline?

Answer: It's simple! The regulation permits any user to install any antenna that is of the same family or style, and equal or lower gain, than any certified antenna. For example: if a 10-dBi patch antenna is certified for use with a specific WLAN transmitter, a TerraWave patch antenna with gain of 10 dBi or less may also be used. Or, if a Yagi directional antenna with a gain of 13.5 dBi is certified with a transmitter, a TerraWave Yagi antenna with 13.5 or less gain may be used with that transmitter.

Question: How do I know which antenna types and gain levels are certified with a WLAN transmitter?

Answer:WLAN Manufacturers typically publish a list of certified antennas in each transmitter's User's Manual. TerraWave Sales Representatives can also pull the FCC certification data for a specific WLAN transmitter and help you determine the types and gain levels of antennas certified with that transmitter.

Question: How do I verify the TerraWave antenna performance features (radiation patterns, gain, VSWR, isolation, etc.)?

Answer: Every TerraWave antennas is fully tested in an antenna test chamber for gain, radiation patterns, and VSWR and those test results are shown in the antennas specification sheet. What is more, TerraWave stands behind the quality of its antennas with a two-year warranty.

Question: How should I respond if a WLAN manufacturer declines to provide warranty coverage or technical support if I use a TerraWave antenna with the manufacturer's transmitter?

Answer: Point out that TerraWave antennas are passive devices and cannot damage the transmitter. Ask the manufacturer why they would limit warranty coverage or technical support because of a passive device.

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