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Achieve Gigabit Speeds with 802.11ac and TerraWave's 802.11n/ac Antennas

Future-proof your network with TerraWave's 802.11n/ac antennas

With the increasing number of mobile devices and high bandwidth applications clogging networks, enterprises everywhere are planning and preparing for the transition to higher data rates and gigabit speeds of 802.11ac. TerraWave Solutions, a Ventev Wireless Infrastructure product line, has developed a full line of 802.11n/ac antennas that support existing 802.11n devices as well as devices running over 802.11ac only. Whether deploying a new 802.11ac-only network or overlaying 802.11ac onto your existing 802.11n network, TerraWave's broad line of 802.11n/ac antennas can operate in both environments and enable the coverage needed to increase bandwidth speeds and improve network performance and reliability.

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