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Innovative New TerraWave Antennas Are Installed Close to Users For Seamless Wi-Fi Connectivity

Extend Wi-Fi Coverage and Capacity to All Users, Even in Challenging Areas

Innovative New Antennas

Today, internet connectivity is expected in stadiums and arenas. But with thousands of users connecting at once, providing coverage and capacity to all is a challenge for network administrators.

Handrail and Guardrail Antennas Take Wi-Fi Connectivity and Capacity To Surrounding Rows

Handrail Antenna

The tiny Handrail Antenna attaches to most handrails in stadiums and arenas.

  • Dual-band, 6 dBi directional antenna
  • 60/90 degree bandwidth
  • Watertight polycarbonate enclosure
  • Four, low-loss cables connect to access point (AP not included)
Handrail Antenna
Photo Courtesy of Toyota Field

Guardrail Antenna

Installs to guardrails in stadiums and arenas.

  • Dual-band 3 dBi antennas is field-adjustable with +/- 20 degree tilt for precise coverage
  • Rugged, polycarbonate enclosure
  • Four low-loss cables connect to access point (AP not included)
Guardrail Antenna
Photo Courtesy of Toyota Field

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Wi-Fi Stadium Handrail Enclosures for Areas Where Aesthetics Matter

Under-the-Seat Wi-Fi Solution

Wi-Fi Stadium Handrail Enclosures

Addresses large public venues' need to provide an "always connected" Wi-Fi experience.

  • Water-tight enclosure
  • Optimum solution to balance coverage and capacity at stadiums' lower levels
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Handrail Enclosures

Under-the-Seat Wi-Fi Solution for Areas Where "Top Down" Antennas/APs Can't Reach

Under-the-Seat Wi-Fi Solution

Under-the-Seat Wi-Fi Solution

Provides "bottom up" connectivity to the network for several rows of users.

  • Compact, water-tight enclosure
  • Houses AP (not inc.) and tiny, powerful Bantam antennas
  • Innovative mount raises solution off surface to allow water runoff.
  • Enclosure 575125
  • Bantam Antenna 529921

High Density Antennas for Large Venues Reduce RF Interference for Increased Capacity

Patch Antenna

TerraWave offers a comprehensive range of high density antennas:

  • Dual band antennas with beamwidths from 20/20 to 105/125, to focus RF and minimize interference
  • Medium to high gain antennas for optimum network performance
Stadium Wi-Fi 
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