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Smart Cities

Smart Cities:

Outdoor Lighting
and Public Wi-Fi
Wireless Surveillance

Newly installed LED Streetlights, equipped with intelligent wireless nodes, help cities improve energy efficiency, as well as gather wide variety of data from the environment to support many city services. Ventev IoT/LTE antennas, attached to these intelligent nodes, improve performance of the wireless networks

New line of Ventev Wi‐Fi antennas and NEMA enclosures enable aesthetically-pleasing Public Wi‐Fi in City Centers, Parks and Campuses. Antennas are designed to be concealed within Light Poles, Light Globes and Light Bollards for high-performance Wi-Fi.

Wireless Surveillance solutions improve safety and security in the cities. Frequently mounted on light poles, these solutions require access to continuous AC or PoE power. Ventev Power Solutions enable continuous operation of radios, surveillance cameras or other devices, installed on light poles.

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Connecting our Customers

Case Study:
Texas School Systems

Ventev’s Power Extender Allows Schools to Deploy Cameras on Intermittently Powered Light Poles

Product Highlight:
Light Pole Wi-Fi Antenna

This unique antenna is designed to deliver aesthetic, non-obtrusive Wi-Fi connectivity in existing outdoor light poles or standard aluminum pipe

Application Note:
MicroSolar Power System

Ventev and Verizon come together to provide a solution to manage irrigation for Hahn Family Wines

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