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Improve Capacity, Protect Equipment, and Ensure Aesthetics in Indoor Carpeted Environments

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Cisco Solutions Partner, Certified Aruba Networks Partner.

Ventev also partners with Adtran, Aerohive, Meru/Fortinet, Motorola/Extreme and Samsung to provide an ecosystem of products for any wireless network.

Solutions for Enterprise, Higher Education, Healthcare and Government Facilities

Ventev classifies its indoor solutions into 2 categories:

Medium to Large

CHALLENGE: Providing Wi-Fi coverage that is both secure and aesthetically pleasing

SOLUTION: Ventev Enclosures

Ceiling Tile Enclosures

Protects from tampering and theft, dust and accidents.
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New! Ceiling Tile Enclosure for Cisco's Hyperlocation Module (HALO)

Protects from tampering and theft, dust and accidents.
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Wall Mounts

Conceals access point and positions for optimum coverage.
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AP Covers

Simple, affordable protection for access points.
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SOLUTION: Ventev's TerraWave Antennas

Broad Selection of Omni and Directional Antennas

Ensure reliable coverage and optimum user experience.
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New! Small Form Factor Mini and Micro Omni Antennas

Improve coverage and blend inconspicuously in environment.
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New! Junction Box Wi-Fi Antenna

Unique, new antenna is concealed within a standard three-gang electrical box to provide out of sight Wi-Fi coverage and capacity
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High Density Venues

Auditoriums, Open Office Spaces, Lecture Halls, Convention Centers

CHALLENGE: Providing sufficient network capacity to large concentrations of users

SOLUTION: Enable Wi-Fi Capacity for Large Concentrations of Users with High Density Antennas and Mounts

High Density Antennas

Increase capacity for improved Wi-Fi user experience.
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Co-Location Mount

Simplify deployments and conceal access points and cable.
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New! Small Form Factor Micro Patch Antenna

Aesthetically pleasing small size without sacrificing performance.
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Raised Access Floor Wi-Fi Antenna

Offers first-to-market, 'bottom up' connectivity to the Wi-Fi network in raised-floor environments.
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