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Maximize Higher Education Technology Budgets with Ventev Antennas, Enclosures and Mounts

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Cisco Solutions Partner, Certified Aruba Networks Partner.

Ventev also partners with Adtran, Aerohive, Meru/Fortinet, Motorola/Extreme and Samsung to provide an ecosystem of products for any wireless network.

Deploy High Performance Wi-Fi without the High Costs

Choose innovative and cost-effective Ventev products to ensure fast, robust Wi-Fi network connectivity in lecture halls, student centers, dorms, and across campus.

Conceal and Secure Valuable APs

Ventev ceiling tile and wall mount enclosures conceal and protect access points from tampering and theft, dust and accidents. Ideal for locations where high-performing Wi-Fi service and aesthetics are equally important.

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Ensure Coverage with External Antennas

Access points with integrated antennas alone can leave Wi-Fi coverage spotty. External antennas provide seamless network connectivity even in challenging areas such as those with high ceilings, where RF propagation is blocked by obstacles, and long hallways or aisles.

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Extend Indoor Wi-Fi Outdoors Easily and Safely

Today, network connectivity is expected everywhere, even outside. But deploying an outdoor network can be expensive and complex. Extend Wi-Fi outdoors without extensive deployment efforts and expenses with plug and play Ventev enclosures.

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Learn how Georgia Tech Solved Wi-Fi Network Capacity Issues in Lecture Halls

Wi-Fi-capable devices such as smartphones and tablets are pushing networks to their limits. Read this case study to learn how Georgia Tech solved the problem of Wi-Fi network capacity issues in lecture halls where hundreds of network users, many with multiple devices, attempt to access the network simultaneously.

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