New Wi-Fi 6 AP Stadium Deployments: Ready? Set. Go with Ventev!

September 11, 2019

Dennis Burrell, Ventev Product Manager

Wi-Fi 6-enabled devices are now entering the market, and widespread adoption is on the horizon. If you’re planning a stadium Wi-Fi deployment or refresh, chances are you’re including the new Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) access points in your plans. Stadiums and arenas with their high densities of users will be the first to benefit from the higher data rates and improved capacity of the new standard.

However even with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) networks, stadiums still face many of the challenges to achieving high performance network connectivity as they have in the past. Open air facilities leave minimal mounting options for AP and antenna placement. The lower bowl is difficult to cover, RF attenuates in rows of fan-filled seats, and thousands of users connecting to the network at once make providing the optimum game-day fan experience, a tall order.

Ventev, a leading provider of wireless infrastructure products to power, protect, and improve the performance of wireless networks in stadiums across the U.S., has introduced dozens of new products to support Cisco, Aruba and other major manufacturers’ recent Wi-Fi 6 AP releases and eliminate the issues of stadium Wi-Fi.

Antennas Improve Network Performance

Lower/Upper Bowl

Wi-Fi Handrail Antennas
Available in 6 dBi and 3 dBi. A tried and true way to deliver Wi-Fi directly to the users for improved coverage and capacity.

2.4/5GHz 6dBi Wi-Fi Dual-Polarized Directional Antenna with 8 RPSMA Plugs
Beamwidths H:65/60, V:65/55
Tessco No. 299050. Supports all 8-port Wi-Fi 6 access points with RPSMA connectors. Ideal for high densities of users.


4.9–5.9GHz 7dBi Wi-Fi Pico Patch 2 Antenna
Beamwidth H:60, V:70
RPTNC- Tessco No. 292960, RPSMA – Tessco No. 273287. Delivers outstanding Wi-Fi performance in a tiny package.

2.4/5GHz 5/6dBi Wi-Fi 4-Port Junction Box Antenna
Hide the Wi-Fi with this unique antenna inside a junction box.
Beamwidth H:75, V:75
RPTNC – Tessco No. 585813, RPSMA – Tessco No. 523995


2.4/5GHz 6dBi Wi-Fi Omni 4” Small Form Factor Antenna with 4 Plugs
Same performance as a traditional omni in a 4-inch form factor!
Beamwidth H:360, V:45/20
RPTNC – Tessco No. 269258, RPSMA – Tessco No. 220851

5GHz 6dBi Wi-Fi Micro Patch Antenna with 4 Right Angle RPTNC Plug Leads
Includes an articulating mount for precise positioning.
Beamwidth H:55, V:60
Tessco No. 215098

2.4/5GHz 6dBi Wi-Fi Micro Patch Antenna with 4 Dual Band Leads
For indoor or outdoor use, compatible with Cisco 9100 series, 2602e, 2702e, 3602e, 3702e, and 1850e APs.
Beamwidth H: 80+/-10, V: 90+/-10
RPTNC – Tessco No. 524086, RPSMA- Tessco No. 251676

2.4/5GHz 6dBi Wi-Fi Dual-Polarized Directional Antenna with 4 RPTNC Plugs
Ideal antenna for high scatter environments. Includes a versatile 10″ articulating Strong Arm Mount.
Beamwidth H:65/60, V:65/55
Tessco No. 279467

2.4/5GHz 6dBi Wi-Fi Directional Antenna
High-density antenna for Wi-Fi 6 (802.11AX) and 802.11ac Waves I & II WLAN APs
Beamwidth H:105/125, V:60/70
RPTNC – Tessco No. 503910

Bring Wi-Fi Closer to Fans

Handrail Enclosure
Houses two access points and two antennas facing in opposite directions to enable Wi-Fi on both sides of the handrail.

Powered Enclosures and Power Systems Enable Outdoor Network

Outdoor Wireless Bollards
Durable, aesthetically pleasing bollard houses an AP, antenna, and other network equipment safely and inconspicuously to provide Wi-Fi to walkways and open spaces.

PoE-Powered Enclosures
Deploy indoor APs in outdoor applications to enable outdoor networks around entrances and common areas.

Power Extender
Enable continuous operation of access points, wireless surveillance cameras and other PoE devices installed on light poles with intermittent AC power supply.

Custom-Engineered Solutions

Don’t see what you need? Contact me to discuss your project! Ventev’s in-house engineers can create custom solutions to fit your application.

For more information about these and other Ventev Wi-Fi 6-compatible solutions, click here.

Supporting the Smart Grid: How a Utility Gained More Automation and Control of Power Distribution

April 17, 2019

Utilities are increasingly deploying Internet of Things (IoT) devices, networks for smart grids, advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), and other next-generation communication technologies. At Ventev, we’ve seen firsthand how that is driving a steep increase in the need for enclosures integrated with power.

One large electric and gas utility was making exactly these kinds of upgrades. Serving more than 2 million customers and generating a net capacity of more than 10,000 megawatts of electricity, the utility owns nearly 8,000 circuit miles of transmission lines and is known for keeping electricity rates low.

To ensure a more efficient operation, the utility wanted to gain a higher level of automation, control, and monitoring over its power distribution. With a closer eye on optimizing voltage and managing excessive loads of electricity, the utility could ensure a stable source of electricity to residences, limit wasted power, and control costs.

So the utility set out to replace its 1,500 leased communication circuits with GE MDS Orbit radios. This network of cellular routers would enable remote communication with the utility’s voltage regulators, relaying vital data needed to automate and control the distribution of power on the grid. For the utility, this meant a better way to maintain optimal voltage and limit excessive loads of electricity, ensuring a stable source of power to residential customers and greater cost control as power is distributed through the electric grid.

To ensure a seamless deployment, it needed a way to both power and protect its new cellular routers.

Making the utility’s deployment possible

The utility had previously worked with Ventev Wireless Infrastructure, a division of TESSCO, on automating and controlling reclosers for its distribution automation initiatives. Ventev had custom designed 30 enclosures for the utility’s reclosers that would provide DC backup power, grounding and electrical connections, and an antenna, all in one solution.

So when the utility needed enclosures for its new cellular routers last July, a utility network engineer called TESSCO Sales Account Manager Christian Pearce. The utility wanted to deploy the routers by September. It was a tight timeframe, but Ventev was up for the challenge.

Christian talked through the utility network engineer’s requirements for the cellular router enclosures, including the type of radio, the size, power requirements, the antenna frequencies, and the placement of equipment and the electrical connections within the box.

Custom engineering power enclosures for GE MDS Orbit routers

Ventev’s project manager and electrical engineer designed a GE MDS Orbit power enclosure that was custom-configured with the radio and power supply within a week.

Four weeks later, 100 production-level custom power enclosures were delivered and deployed by the utility’s deadline.

With its custom power enclosures, this utility is now better able to automate, control, and monitor load on the electric grid, allowing it to manage costs and ensure more efficient delivery of power to customers.