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Ensure Aesthetically Pleasing Wi-Fi Coverage and Capacity in Any Environment

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Cisco Solutions Partner, Certified Aruba Networks Partner.

Ventev also partners with Adtran, Aerohive, Meru/Fortinet, Motorola/Extreme and Samsung to provide an ecosystem of products for any wireless network.

Ventev is a recognized leader in Wi-Fi antennas and enclosures. Ventev offers a comprehensive ecosystem of innovative Wi-Fi products that address the unique challenges for deploying reliable Wi-Fi networks in indoor and outdoor environments where aesthetics are important.

To achieve this aesthetically-pleasing environment, Ventev classified its solutions into 3 categories:

  • Solutions that Conceal Wi-Fi equipment
  • Solutions that reduce the size (into Small Form Factor) of the Wi-Fi equipment
  • Solutions that Camouflage WiFi Equipment

Specific application use examples include:

Concealed Products

A Wi-Fi network can have many bulky or ugly wires and equipment. Concealed options hide or "conceal" the access point, other equipment, or antenna and cabling from view to maintain aesthetics.

Ventev Solutions:

  • AP Covers/Ceiling Tile Enclosures - Conceals Access Points in venues Ceiling Tile Grids

  • White Polycarb Enclosure - Conceals both the Access Point and Antenna in Outdoor Applications

  • Co-Locating Mount - Conceals Access Point and Cabling in high ceiling high density applications like Auditoriums and Convention Halls

  • Wall Junction Box WiFi Antenna - Conceals Wi-Fi antenna inside an electrical Junction Box

  • Raised Access Floor Wi-Fi Antenna - Conceals Wi-Fi antenna inside a floor tile

  • Handrail Antenna - Conceals Wi-Fi antenna in open air stadiums to provide Wi-Fi for front sections

  • NEW! Handrail Enclosure - Conceals AP and Wi-Fi antenna in open air stadiums to balance coverage adn capacity at stadiums' lower levels

  • NEW! NEMA Outdoor Wi-Fi Enclosure - Offers a more refined design featuring curved edges, making it ideal for aesthetics environments

  • NEW! Omni Light Pole Wi-Fi Antenna enables high-performance, aesthetically-pleasing Wi-Fi for city centers, parks and campuses

Small Form Factor Antennas

Small Form Factor (SFF) products offer a small or low profile package to help maintain aesthetics while still providing the same RF propagation patterns as traditional antennas to support your Wi-Fi network. The Small Form Factor enables antennas to blend unobtrusively into the environments.

Ventev Solutions:

  • SFF Mini Omni - Designed to operate with any demanding wireless communication system

  • SFF Micro Omni - Optimized for small form factor/aesthetic and mobile Wi-Fi applications

  • SFF Micro Patch - Outstanding Wi-Fi performance in a small package with a rugged mounting solution
  • VIDEO: Click here to watch video

  • SFF Outdoor Omni - Provides outstanding RF coverage in a small, attractive package

Camouflaged Products

A Wi-Fi network can have many bulky or ugly wires and equipment. Camouflaged options hide, disguise, or blend in the access point or antenna to its environment to maintain aesthetics. Many Ventev solutions can be painted with non-metallic paint to allow Wi-Fi equipment to blend into environment.

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