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Get On Board with Reliable, High-Performance, Aesthetically Pleasing Wi-Fi

Solutions for Cruise Ships, Cargo Vessels, Marinas and in Remote Ports-of-Call

CHALLENGE: Deploy Wi-Fi in difficult RF environments


Broad Selection of Omni and Directional Antennas

Ensure reliable coverage and optimum user experience in any environment. Browse Antennas >>

CHALLENGE: Provide aesthetically pleasing Wi-Fi coverage


White Polycarb Enclosures

Popular for cruise ships, white polycarb enclosures blend with ships' exteriors and protect access points from corrosive salt air.
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Small Form Factor Outdoor Omni Antennas

Improve coverage and blend inconspicuously in environment.
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Co-Locating Mount

Simplify Wi-Fi deployments and conceal access points and cable
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Integrated Enclosures with Antenna

Tough, NEMA 4X-rated polycarbonate plastic enclosure is fully integrated with a patch antenna for quick installation, and paintable to blend with any decor.
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CHALLENGE: Protect valuable equipment from harsh, corrosive elements, and theft and tampering


Polycarbonate Enclosures with Glass-Filled Latches

Choose from key-lockable or torque screw latch locks with padlock.
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CHALLENGE: Ensure sufficient capacity for high concentrations of Wi-Fi users


Site Survey Kits

Contains everything needed to ensure optimum placement of access points for ideal Wi-Fi coverage.
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High Density Antennas

Increase capacity among high concentrations of users for improved Wi-Fi user experience.
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Small Form Factor Micro Patch Antennas

Half the size of typical antennas, allows greater placement options and concealed coverage
Browse Small Form Factor Antennas >>

Wi-Fi Rapid Deployment Kit (with battery backup)

Ruggedized temporary Wi-Fi solution, supporting voice, video, and data access across a large area. Ideal for remote embarkation/debarkation points.
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